ACH Reject

The attempt from a processor to collect fees from the merchant and the merchant's bank account has insufficient funds

Additional/Other Authorizations

This usually reflects excessive authorizations over the total number of sales. It can also refer to extra per item charges, voice authorizations, or gift card transactions, etc.


This typically reports per item fees for American Express transactions. A discount fee assessed towards the volume may also appear.

Annual Fee

This is the total annual charge divided into a monthly fee which can include all annual fees lumped together such as admin, regulatory, and PCI charges.

Annual PCI Fee

An annual fee that covers the cost of maintaining PCI compliance. Some companies may charge monthly rather than annually

Application Fee

A one-time fee charged by the processor to cover the cost of the screening and application process. Only some processors will refund the fee after the merchant is approved


These are usually a fixed percentage applied to the gross sales volume by each of the card associations.


The Address Verification System (AVS) is a level of credit card security to help protect against identity theft. When a user makes an online purchase with a credit card their billing address is required. The house number portion and postal code of the billing address they enter is compared to the billing address on file for the card.

Batch Fee

Fee charged each time the daily sales are settled (closed) usually at the end of each business day.

Batch Settlement

Fee charged each time the daily sales are settled (closed) usually at the end of each business day.

Breach Protection

A fee assessed which helps cover the expenses a merchant can incur should a card data breach occur.


A fee incurred by the merchant in the event a fraudulent charge occurs or a customer disputes a charge and proves their claim true.

Discount Collected

Fees that are due to the processor can be collected daily or monthly


This fee reflects Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified surcharges.


Term used in the payment card industry to describe a fee paid between banks for the acceptance of card based transactions. This includes, VS, MC, DS, AMEX, and international charges. It also includes incidental association fees such as Misuse Authorizations, Zero Floor Limit and Transaction Integrity fees.

MC Access Fee

The MasterCard Network Access Usage Fee applies to US acquired MasterCard gross sales and return transactions. This fee applies to transactions from US merchants for US cardholders.

MC Annual License Fee (ALF)

This fee is assessed to acquirers based on their total MasterCard annual sales volume.

MC Cross Border Fee

Applies to any transaction in which the country of the merchant differs from the country where the card was issued.

MC International Support Fee

Applies to U.S. acquired transactions paid for with a card issued outside of the U.S.

Misc Fees

This reflects charges that are not listed elsewhere on the IC quote page.

Misuse Auth Fee

The Misuse of the Authorization Fee will be assessed to approved and partially-approved electronic authorizations that cannot be matched to a settled transaction.

Monthly Fee

Fee charged to maintain and service your account. This fee also covers the cost of preparing and mailing out your monthly statement.

Monthly Gateway

Monthly service fee to access internet or wireless gateways.

Monthly Minimum

The minimum discount fee amount that your merchant account provider requires you to generate each month.

Monthly PCI Fee

A monthly fee that covers the cost of maintaining PCI Compliance. Some companies may charge annually rather than monthly.

Monthly Service Charge

A monthly charge that pays for services such as customer support.

Monthly Statement Fee

A fee charged to the merchant for sending a monthly statement. This fee covers mostly paper and postage.

Next Day Funding

A fee assessed so that a merchant can receive their daily cash flow deposit one day earlier than the standard funding cycle.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance Service Program Fee and Non-validation PCI Compliance Fee are part of the mandatory PCI Compliance Service Program in order to protect cardholder data. Non Compliance fees may be assessed on top of this for merchant who do not complete and submit the appropriate SAQ questionnaire.

PIN Debit

This is the per item fee charged for PIN-based debit cards.

PIN Debit Access

Monthly service fee to use the PIN Debit networks.

PIN Debit Network Fees

The network fees assessed for all PIN Debit sales.

Processing Fee

Discount and per item fee assessed by the processor to maintain and support your merchant account.

Regulatory Fee

A fee assessed by processors to cover the cost to report merchant income to IRS in order to improve tax compliance by businesses that accept credit cards.

Reprogramming Fee

The fee for reprogramming a merchant's existing terminal, POS system, or software from another provider.


Information requested from the issuing bank to the processor about a cardholders transaction. Sometimes inadequate information can lead to a chargeback.


Also known as a 12B Letter Fee. This fee is charged when a customer or issuing bank requests a copy of a sales draft in order to substantiate a transaction.

Setup Fee

A one-time fee charged by the processor when the merchant has applied and is established.

Signature Debit

This is also known as Online Debit or Visa/MasterCard check cards.

Transaction Integrity Fee

The fee is assessed on both consumer and commercial, regulated and non-regulated transactions that are either not eligible or fail to meet CPS qualification.

V/MC/Disc Fee

Transaction fee that is charged for Visa/MC/Discover transactions.


This reflects small discrepancies such as rounding issues and statement rounding errors and is used as a catchall to balance out the merchant's total fees as listed on their monthly statement.

Visa Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF)

This fee is charged to a merchant’s acquirer or credit card processor based on a merchant’s size and number of locations.

VS Access Fee

The Visa Authorization Processing Fee applies to all Visa branded authorizations acquired in the US regardless of where the issuer or cardholder is located. This fee will not apply to Zero Dollar Verification messages or authorization reversals.

VS International Acquirer Fee

Applies to U.S. acquired transactions paid for with a card issued outside of the U.S.

VS International Service Fee

Applies to U.S. acquired transactions paid for with a card issued outside of the U.S.

Zero Amount Fee

The Visa Zero Amount Fee applies to Zero Dollar Verification messages (approved and declined). Zero Dollar Verification messages include the verification of the card account number, address verification (through the Address Verification Service), Card acquired Account Verification authorizations. Verification Value 2 (CVV2) and Single Message System (SMS)

Zero Floor Limit Fee

Assessed on settled transactions that cannot be matched to previously approve or partially-approved electronic authorizations.

Vendor Markup

The rate charged by the processor on transactions. It doesn't include interchange, association and other vendor fees.

Effective Rate

The estimated total rate as a percentage that will be charged for processing.

Estimated Total Fee

The estimated total dollar amount that will be charged for processing.