About Us

CardConnect Alliance is an independent sales division of CardConnect. We are focused on providing businesses with simple to understand payment processing services and pricing without resorting to unethical and pushy sales tactics. By using advanced technology, we can provide aggressive rates and exceptional support. We go beyond the call of duty by working to ensure our clients have the right services for their specific situation, even if it’s a competitor. We strongly believe that as a payment processor, we should provide every business with the necessary information to determine for themselves which processor to partner with for their payment processing. Your complete satisfaction is always our goal.

Our Way & Their Way

Our Way
No sales calls
Flexible options
All Processing Fees are upfront
Easy to compare your options
Prefer to sell equipment
All Terms are Upfront
Rates are Locked in
Takes Minutes to Sign Up
A Dedicated Support Team
Their Way
Frequent Sales Calls And Meetings
Long term contracts with expensive cancellation fees
Hidden Fees
Hard To Compare Offerings
Prefer non-cancellable leases
Frequent Bait and Switch Sales Practices
Rate / Margin increases
Time intensive to Set Up
The Standard 800# for support
Lack of transparency